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Satellite images appear to show the devastation of the city’s invasion

A multispectral imagery view of burning homes and buildings near Kyiv, Ukraine on Monday.Satellite image (C)2022 Maxar Technologies

Satellite images of a town northwest of kyiv appear to show the devastation of the Russian invasion, with many buildings and homes that have been damaged or destroyed and multiple structures in flames.

The images, released late Monday by US government-linked technology firm Maxar, show the town of Moschun, about 45 minutes from central kyiv.

Large swathes of the city appear blackened and smoke can be seen rising from various structures.

The footage was released as Russian forces continued to advance on the Ukrainian capital. The attack on a skyscraper early Monday left one dead and seven injured.

As of Monday, the United Nations had recorded more than 1,700 casualties since Russia invaded Ukraine last month, including 636 dead. The true death toll is likely to be much higher, particularly in areas where fighting has intensified in recent days, the organization said.

Ukrainian president says Russia lost more military equipment than in two Chechen wars

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy claimed on Monday that Russian forces had lost more military equipment in nearly three weeks than in their two invasions of Chechnya, the small republic in southwestern Russia that has endured years of conflict. bloody and destructive from the 1990s.

Claiming that Ukrainian soldiers were inflicting ‘devastating’ casualties on invading troops, Zelenskyy appeared to taunt his neighbors by saying: ‘Today the Russian army is practically one of the suppliers of military equipment for our army’ .

NBC News has not independently confirmed the remark, and it is unclear whether the figures provided by the Ukrainian Armed Forces are accurate.

According to figures released on Monday According to the Kyiv Independent, a local news site, Russia lost nearly 400 tanks, 90 helicopters, 1,249 armored personnel carriers, 77 aircraft and other equipment.

Former US Army Europe Commanding General Mark Hertling said that while accounts of Russian casualties are “even close” to accuracy, “they are disastrous”.

A study included in the Marine Corps Amphibious Warfare School found that during the First Chechen War, which lasted two years in the mid-1990s – and which military scholars describe as devastating for Russian forces – the invading army lost nearly 90% of its 120 tanks in a single battle.

Another account, published in an Indian defense journal, reports that the army lost one in 10 helicopters. One in four aircraft were damaged.

Reports of the death toll in the conflicts vary widely. Human rights groups and official accounts indicate that tens of thousands of people were killed, many of them civilians.

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