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Hang Seng Indexes Company
Hang Seng Indexes Company has launched two indexes playing on the themes of the “metaverse” sector, and genomics and oncology.

The new entities are called Hang Seng China Metaverse Index and Hang Seng Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Genomics and Oncology Index.

Developments under the metaverse concept, which include virtual reality, games and other digital experiences that use advanced technology in virtual spaces, have caught the attention of people around the world and are rapidly gaining popularity. as investment themes among investors. Riding this trend, the Hang Seng China Metaverse Index aims to reflect the performance of mainland Chinese companies involved in metaverse-related activities, value chains and development.

As genomic medicine and innovative drugs grow as mainstream treatments for cancer and other diseases, the Hang Seng Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Genomics and Oncology Index aims to track the performance of companies involved in genomics or oncology research and development. products and services.

“New megatrends are having an increasingly significant impact on our daily lives. Our two new megatrend indices are designed to help investors capture potential opportunities stemming from these innovative and transformative trends in mainland China and Hong Kong equity markets,” said Daniel Wong, Director and Head of Indices at Hang Seng. Indexes Company.

The universe of each of the two indices covers securities listed in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

HSBC Global Private Banking recently launched a fund aimed at tapping into the “metaverse”. The term, which originated in the 1992 science fiction novel Snowfall, by Neal Stephenson, is about a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. It reshapes the sectors from advertising to working arrangements. Areas such as spaceflight, blockchain, online gaming, virtual work, movies, and retail are all affected. Already, the pandemic-induced work-from-home phenomenon has turned elements of fiction into stark reality. Online retail is also a major force, disrupting traditional brick-and-mortar shopping models.

HSBC Global Private Bank
HSBC Global Private Banking launched online trading for structured products in Asia.

This new feature allows private banking clients in Asia to trade fixed coupon notes on their mobile phones, as well as cash stocks, exchange-traded funds and currencies, which are already available on the platform.

Support for Equity Linked Notes will be added later in 2022, HSBC said in a statement yesterday.

The bank said customers have direct access to commercial structured products via mobile with coverage for the underlying stocks in eight markets, including the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, France, China, and China. Germany, Japan and Australia.

“Currently, over 30% of fulfillment transactions in Asia alone are done online, around two-thirds of our clients are engaged digitally and the numbers continue to grow. This shows that the digital tools and journeys we are developing are finding really resonate with our customers across the region,” said Siew Meng Tan, Regional Head of HSBC Global Private Banking, Asia Pacific.

HSBC Global Private Banking is investing $100 million over two years to develop and innovate its core banking and digital platforms. In the past three years, the group has launched its new Internet banking application, integrating direct communication with customers via instant messaging “GPB Chat” and “GPB eSignature” allowing customers to sign and exchange documents electronically, using its “Insights” investment knowledge and research platform. & Research Portal” with personalized alerts and notifications.

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