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Russia Ukraine War Live, Victory Day of Russia: Finland is expected to announce on Thursday its intention to join NATO Sweden is expected to follow soon after, diplomats and officials said, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reshapes European security and the Atlantic military alliance. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff said it had recaptured Pytomnyk, a village on the main road north of the second-largest city of Kharkiv, halfway to the Russian border.

Finland and Sweden are expected to quickly gain membership, paving the way for an increased troop presence in the Nordic region during the one-year ratification period. In the wider Nordic region, Norway, Denmark and the three Baltic states are already members of NATO, and the addition of Finland and Sweden probably the wrath of Moscowwhich asserts that NATO enlargement is a direct threat to its own security.

In addition, Moscow imposed sanctions on the owner of the Polish part of the Yamal gas pipeline which transports Russian gas to Europe, as well as on the former German unit of the Russian gas producer Gazprom, whose subsidiaries serve the consumption of gas from Europe. Energy prices have risen as the European Union considers a possible embargo on Russian crude.

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