Russo-Ukrainian War: List of Key Events, Day 152 | Russo-Ukrainian War

As the Russo-Ukrainian War enters its 152nd day, we take a look at the major developments.

Here are the key events so far on Monday, July 25.

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  • The Ukrainian military reported that Russian forces were leading the way for an assault on the town of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region and continued efforts to assert control of the area around the Vuhlehirska power plant, 50 km (31 miles) northeast of the city of Donetsk.
  • Russia has charged 92 members of Ukraine‘s armed forces with crimes against humanity and proposed an international tribunal backed by countries like Bolivia, Iran and Syria, says head of the Russian investigative commission Alexander Bastrykin .
  • Russia likely continues to struggle to extract and repair thousands of battle-damaged combat vehicles in Ukraine, the UK Ministry of Defense said.
  • The Ukrainian military said 66 members of the Russian military had been killed in the fighting over the past 24 hours, according to the Interfax news agency.


  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said the Russian missile raids on Odessa were blatant “barbarism” that showed Moscow could not be trusted to implement the grain deal.
  • The United Nations, European Union, United States, Britain, Germany and Italy have condemned the attacks.
  • Pope Francis has said he looks forward to visiting Ukraine in his efforts to try to end the war.
  • Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has advised Ukraine and the West not to cede any Ukrainian territory occupied since the start of the war to Russia in future peace talks aimed at ending the conflict.


  • Germany was back on track with decent gas injection levels, and the task now was to reach its target of 75% gas storage levels by September 1, said Klaus Mueller, the head of the country’s regulator.
  • Ukraine could export 60 million tonnes of grain in eight to nine months if its ports were not blocked, an economic adviser to the Ukrainian president has said.
  • The Russian Central Bank forecasts a 4-6% recession in 2022, compared to its pre-war forecast of 3% growth. The bank expects the economy to return to growth by 2024.

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