Prince Housing & Development: Further Announcement of May 6 Board Resolution on Corporate Covered Bond Issuance.


1.Date of the board of directors resolution: NA
2.Name [issue no.__ of (secured, unsecured) corporate bonds of
___________ (company)]:
Issue No.1 of secured corporate bonds of
Prince Housing & Development Corp. in 2022.
3.Whether to adopt shelf registration (Yes/No): No.
4.Total amount issued: NT$2 billion.
5.Face value per bond: NT$1 million.
6.Issue price: At par value.
7.Issuance period: 5 years.
8.Coupon rate: fixed annual rate of 1.58%.
9.Types, names, monetary values and stipulations of collaterals:
Secured by banks.
10.Use of the funds raised by the offering and utilization plan:
To repay the principal of the issuance of no.1 secured corporate
bonds in 2017.
11.Underwriting method:
Commission a securities underwriter for a public offering.
12.Trustees of the corporate bonds:
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.
13.Underwriter or agent:
BankTaiwan Securities Co.,Ltd.
14.Guarantor(s) for the issuance:
Bank of Taiwan
15.Agent for payment of the principal and interest:
Sungshan Branch, Bank of Taiwan
16.Certifying institution:
Not available as non-physical issuance method is adopted.
17.Where convertible into shares, the rules for conversion: NA.
18.Sell-back conditions: NA.
19.Buyback conditions: NA.
20.Reference date for any additional share exchange, stock swap, or
subscription: NA.
21.Possible dilution of equity in case of any additional share exchange,
stock swap, or subscription: NA.
22.Any other matters that need to be specified: None.

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