NMA – Euro 2020 Rate My Team: MD-3 Wildcard

I played my unlimited chip in MD-2, which means when the final whistle blows on today’s action, my team will go back to this:

So now I’m faced with a decision: are my two free transfers (plus maybe 1-2 more for hits) enough to save this team for MD-3? Or do I have to erase the slate with my generic chip? To answer this question, I need to assess the perspectives of the players who are currently on my squad.


Out of tournament

So that we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Christian Eriksen has fully recovered from his cardiac arrest on the field, the tournament is over for him. Therefore, I have to move it.


Could be shot

the Netherlands, Italy, and Belgium have already qualified for the round of 16, and the Netherlands have already sealed the top spot in Group C, so these teams (especially the Netherlands) could rest key players.

That means Memphis Pay and Georginio Wijnaldum could be shot for the tasty encounter with North Macedonia. But what does it mean for Owen Wijndal is a draw. Benched for MD-1, MD-3’s insane game could be an opportunity for him to get some minutes.

Lukaku is also at risk, as he was not among the many players (including Kevin De Bruyne and Edenic danger) who Roberto Martinez has been verified as a starter for Monday. But Thomas vermaelen was, that is to say Jason Denayer place is also in doubt.

Finally, Italy Domenico Berardi could also benefit from a respite for the MD-3. the Azzurri have already qualified for the round of 16, Roberto Mancini could therefore decide to award Federico chiesa a beginning.


I feel pretty good about the outlook for my other players, but I still have Seven who are at risk for MD3. And only Berardi plays for a team whose composition we will see before the MD-3 transfer deadline (these teams are Italy, Wales, Switzerland, and turkey).

It’s more holes than I can fill with transfers and free shots, so I feel compelled to play my wild card. Spending it now means I’ll go to the quarterfinals with just three free transfers, but I’d rather do that than approach MD-3 with a patched up version of my MD-1 squad.

Also, fantasy teams will converge more and more on similarity as the tournament reduces the number of teams, so the group stage represents my best opportunity to separate myself from the peloton.

Edit: And since I forgot to do my MD-2 subs while writing this article, I now need to be additional aggressive!

So it’s a wild card for MD-3.

Teams to target

As the MD-2 is still incomplete at the time of this writing, for now the teams I am targeting are as follows:

Group A: Italy and Switzerland

Italy will lead the group with a win or draw against Wales, and Switzerland will be eliminated if they lose to Turkey. In addition, we will benefit from confirmed rosters for these teams before the transfer deadline.


Group B: Denmark

If Denmark wins and Finland loses, Denmark could finish second depending on the goal differential.


Group VS: Austria and Ukraine

The winner of the Austria-Ukraine match will finish second.


Group re: Scotland

Scotland must defeat Croatia to survive.


Group E: Spain

Having drawn against Sweden in MD-1, Spain come into today’s game on one point, so they will likely have more work to do against Slovakia.


Group F: Germany

Today’s victory ties Germany to Portugal in 2nd position, just one point behind France. Germany can therefore seal the qualification by beating Hungary. And the more goals they can score, the better, since Germany, France and Portugal all have the same goal differential.

While neither Portugal nor France are guaranteed to pass as it is, they face off in a Clash of the Titans which I think I’ll avoid (but who can enjoy watching!).

My plan

Since we will have confirmed queues for Italy and Switzerland Before the deadline, these two teams offer us a chance to field players who are some starters in an otherwise uncertain MD-3. I will certainly take the maximum three from Italy, and I could take one or two from Switzerland. For now I will go with Gianluigi Donnarumma (UK, £ 5.5), Manual Locatelli (MID, £ 5.5), and Ciro Motionless (FOR, £ 10.0) as reserved spaces of the Azzurri.

I don’t rate Russia’s offense, so Simon Kjaer (£ 4.5) is a good low cost option in Denmark’s defense. The Danes will have to attack the MD-3, that is to say the rear wing Joakim Maehle (£ 4.5) is expected to bombard the left flank. Before Youssouf Poulson (£ 8.0) is also a viable option.

Austria and Ukraine are also expected to move forward, so midfielders such as Marcel Sabitzer (AUT, £ 8.0), David Alaba (AUT, £ 5.5) and Andriy Yarmolenko (UKR, £ 8.5) are attractive, as are futures Roman Yaremchouk (UKR, £ 7.1) and Marko Arnautovic (AUT, £ 7.0). Arnau’s minutes were well managed, but he came out of the suspension.

André Robertson (£ 5.5) is in my opinion Scotland’s only viable fantastic option. Much of the offense goes through him, and he also offers the opportunity to score clear points.

The match between Spain and Slovakia is icing on the cake. Goalie Unai Simon (£ 5.0), defender Pau Torres (£ 4.5), and middies Ferran Torres (£ 8.0) and Dany Olmo (£ 7.0) everything attracts me.

On the German side, left winger Robin Gosens (DEF, £ 5.0) is a no-brainer. He has a price nicely, and his goal more of them the assists against Portugal show that he is as involved in the attack as any German midfielder or striker. Joshua Kimmich (MID, £ 6.0) and Thomas Muller (FOR, £ 9.0) are other options.

Finally, although I am not targeting Belgium due to the specter of the rotation, Roberto Martinez kindly confirmed that Kevin Of Bruyne will start. In my book, that makes him a staple.

So from this menu of options my generic MD-3 team might look like this:

This team is provisional for now, but I like it. And I’ll still have £ 3.8 in the bank for the countdown hours reshuffle based on injury reports, team news and confirmed lineups. My stunt captain would probably be Immobile (or another Italian if he doesn’t start) at De Bruyne at Robertson at F. Torres.

Hope my thought process has given you some ideas, but for more, please check out Sravan’s article on MD-3 player picks!


Will two free transfers be enough to polish your MD-3 squad, or will your team need a revamp? Do you take hits or play a chip? What do you think of my MD-3 plans? Please share your fantastic team lineup for the Euro 2020 group stage final tournament, and rate my team!


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