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BRUSSELS — Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba made a moving plea for more military assistance Thursday in Brussels and warned that Western countries that continue to buy Russian oil or gas are supporting the “war machine”. Russian”.

Speaking to reporters at the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Mr Kuleba welcomed the latest round of US sanctions, but urged the European Union to step up its crackdown on Russia’s energy sector, highlighting guard against the consequences amid evidence of war crimes committed by Russian forces in the town of Bucha and elsewhere in Ukraine.

“As long as the West continues to buy Russian gas or oil, it is supporting Ukraine with one hand, while supporting the Russian war machine with the other,” he said. “How many Buchas have to happen…for you to understand that you can’t allow sanction fatigue like we can’t allow fight fatigue.”

European Council President Charles Michel said on Wednesday that sanctions against Russian oil and gas would be needed “sooner or later” as the EU continues to guard against a total ban on Russian energy purchases. .

Mr Kuleba choked up detailing some of the atrocities that took place across Ukraine, sharing the story of a friend in Bucha who was allegedly raped four days in a row by Russian forces. “You don’t understand what it feels like when Russian soldiers rape children,” he said, his voice shaking.

Mr. Kuleba arrived at NATO headquarters on Thursday to meet with NATO allies and industrialized Group of Seven countries with a direct demand: “Weapons, weapons and weapons” – and fast.

“Either you help us now – and I’m talking about days, not weeks – or your help will come too late and many people will die, many civilians will lose their homes, many villages will be destroyed precisely because this help came too late. , ” he said.

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