Indiana Food Bank needs donations to send meals to Ukraine

The food bank is partnering with Convoy of Hope to provide 240,000 servings to people near the Ukrainian border.

INDIANAPOLIS – The Midwest Food Bank is asking for your help in its efforts to provide nutritious food to Ukrainian refugees.

“Our local community is eager to support the Ukrainian people,” said executive director John Whitaker. “The Midwest Food Bank is blessed to be able to offer this service.”

The food bank is working with a national faith-based organization to provide 240,000 servings to people near the Ukrainian border.

“Midwest Food Bank’s partnership with Convoy of Hope allows us to do what we do best,” said Mike Hoffman, Midwest Food Bank’s director of inventory and logistics. “Fans can be sure these meals will get into the hands of those who need them.”

Tender Mercies, the Food Bank’s nutritious rice and bean flour, is produced in Illinois. Meals will be picked up there on March 23.

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The Midwest Food Bank said the financial donations will help them respond quickly to needs in Ukraine. If you would like to participate financially, click here or text @MFB to 52014 to make a donation.

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