Financial aid from Ukraine since the invasion amounts to 30 billion dollars

kyiv: According to the Financial Stability Report of the National Bank of Ukraine of June 2022, the total announced and actual aid given to Ukraine by international partners since the beginning of the “invasion” by Russia has amounts to 30 billion dollars.

“Significant financial assistance is also provided directly to the budget by Ukraine’s allies. By mid-June, more than $7 billion had been lent by the IMF, European Union, European Investment Bank, the World Bank and foreign governments since the start of the conflict. Approximately $30 billion in financial assistance has been pledged and provided globally,” the statement said.

Up to one-third of available funds are specified as non-reimbursable grants, with the remainder made up of low-interest loans and credit guarantees. According to the Ukrinform news agency, this funding is the main means of filling the state budget deficit resulting from the Russian military intervention.

The National Bank has made it clear that international aid and its rapid delivery will continue to play a crucial role in supporting social and defense spending as well as economic support. To deal with the budget deficit in particular, $5 billion a month is needed.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Canadian Deputy Prime Minister of Finance Christia Freeland previously confirmed their commitment to continue supporting Ukraine.

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