Dragonfly Financial Technologies Launches as Market Leader in Digital Banking Solutions for Businesses

Large commercial bank customer base in 11 countries with $6 trillion assets combined to benefit from a laser-like focus on API strategy, innovation and customer success

ATLANTE, September 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dragonfly Financial Technologies Corp., a digital banking and cash management fintech, today announced that it has officially launched as an independent company following the completion of One Equity Partners’ acquisition of Corporate Online Banking unit of ACI Worldwide. Operating in a global market that should be $1.1 billion By 2023, Omdia says, Dragonfly Financial Technologies now has the autonomy and resources to deliver innovations across its product portfolio, expand its customer success team, and target more commercial banking customers in the States. United and international markets.

A market leader since day one, Dragonfly Financial Technologies has more than 40 customers across the banking and financial services world, including 5 of the top 10 US banks. The company’s Universal Online Banker (UOB) and Enterprise Banker (EB) solutions help banks initiate payments, collect amounts owed, and manage positions and financial transactions for their business customers. Now independent, Dragonfly Financial Technologies will invest significantly in improving its cloud-based digital banking platform, with its vast library of open APIs, feature-rich features and extensive reporting capabilities.

Aite-Novarica Group, a consulting firm providing essential technology, regulatory, strategy and operations insights to hundreds of banks and other financial services companies, has rated Dragonfly’s Universal Online Banker as “Best in Class” in its analysis of Leading US Cash Management Sellers last year. Dragonfly’s UOB platform has been recognized for being “user-friendly, feature-rich and among the most powerful in the industry for its payment capabilities”.

“It’s an exciting time in the global corporate digital banking arena with many banks looking for new payment capabilities and open API infrastructures. Technology providers like Dragonfly with robust next-generation offerings coupled with a focus and commitment to space and innovation, are well positioned to lead during this time of change,” said christine barryHead of Banking and Payments Insights and Advisory at Aite-Novarica Group.

Leading the new company as CEO is Johan Roets, who previously served as chief administrative officer of ACI Worldwide and also director of business transformation. Earlier in his career, Roets held various senior positions in retail banking and payments with Standard Bank Group and as a partner at Arthur Andersen & Co.

“Across cultures, dragonflies are revered for their agility, excellent vision and as symbols of strength, transformation and prosperity, so it’s an apt name for our company, as we combine passion, ingenuity and dynamism of a start-up with the large customer base and resources of a growing business,” Roets said. “Customers widely recognize that our products deliver a tremendous level of innovation and value to their business through our features, user experience and hundreds of API integrations – and we now have the independence, focus and investment to accelerate our product roadmap and strengthen our global customer base successful experience.”

In addition to Roets, Dragonfly Financial Technologies’ management team includes industry veterans with extensive experience in digital banking, including designing, building and selling current UOB and EB solutions.

To learn more about Dragonfly Financial Technologies, visit www.dragonflyft.com or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Dragonfly Financial Technologies Corp.

Dragonfly Financial Technologies provides digital banking and cash management offerings for small businesses and large enterprises, providing financial institutions with global multi-lingual and multi-currency cash management solutions. Dragonfly works alongside its global banking customers to deliver secure and seamless payments, enabling banks to streamline processes, automate tasks, and improve the overall efficiency of digital banking programs. For more information, visit www.dragonflyft.com.

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