Commercial Bank

Linking Triple Incentive Vouchers with E.SUN Commercial Bank’s Digital Payment Services Successfully Boosts Recognition and Acceptance of Mobile Payments

TAIPEI, July 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As m-payments became more prevalent, in 2015 E. SUN Commercial Bank began to lay the foundation for m-payment services business, achieving many firsts and milestones in the industry. It was the first company of Taiwan partner with Alipay to push QR code …

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China’s growth slows as pandemic fears persist

BEIJING – After a year of pulling the global economy out of the pandemic crisis, China’s growth is now starting to stabilize, as the world tries to determine whether the country’s recovery will continue or falter. The signs are mixed, with consumers and businesses showing signs of both weakness and …

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Why Ray Dalio is wrong about China

Andrew Hunt is CEO of Hunt Economics and former Advisor to Dresdner Asset Management in Asia. Ben Ashby is a former Managing Director of the Chief Investment Office at JPMorgan. What do Goldman Sachs’ new wealth management joint venture with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and hedge fund …

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