CAB Capital Group: Exploring new investment opportunities and avenues in a changing market

The way we invest and conduct our business is changing rapidly. The globalization of finance, along with the advent of cryptocurrency and other FinTech advancements, has ushered in a new era in global trade and investment. Investors looking to stay successful in this fast-paced, modern market need to stay nimble and informed about the latest tools and opportunities in the industry.

However, the complexity and rapid pace of innovation in the FinTech space can leave some investors’ heads spinning. Technology does not come easily to all investors, but according to CAB Capital Group new CEO Luis Felipe Fuenmayor, that doesn’t mean you have to miss a great investment opportunity. “With a bit of flexibility, investors can learn the ropes of new markets and take advantage of the incredible opportunities that FinTechs and overseas investments offer.”

Presentation Luis Felipe Fuenmayor: the new face of CAB Capital

CAB Capital Group is a private investment company with over 15 years of experience in the financial sector. Founded in Panama as a small company with a keen sense of innovation, the company quickly expanded its operations to Colombia and the United States.

Luis Felipe Fuenmayor accepted the position of managing director of CAB Capital Group in July 2021. Born in Colombia, Fuenmayor came to the United States on a football scholarship when he was 18 years old. After college, he returned to Colombia to study and work in the financial sector.

He eventually pursued his MBA studies at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Back in Colombia, he worked for several companies before creating his own, TANTRA Imports Ltda. After two decades of studying and working in finance around the world, he joined CAB Capital in November 2020, becoming the company’s CEO less than a year later.

Take full advantage of the modern market

CAB Capital combines traditional finance with new technologies, such as FinTech and crowdfunding, to create innovative and strategic financial solutions for investors. The company believes that we need to integrate these elements to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the modern, globalized and technology-powered marketplace. CAB Capital’s unique approach and commitment to innovation have helped establish the firm as a leading name in the global private banking sphere.

New Section 8 Housing Investment Opportunities

CAB Capital recently turned to a new low-risk investment route through a disruptive product from one of the group’s companies, CAB Realty: Section 8 Housing. Finding new tenants can be a challenge for many landlords, especially during high rent periods. With Section 8 housing, the government can keep housing occupied and rent paid on time, as they have a long list of tenants waiting for an available property.

Some landlords work directly with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to rent through a project-based voucher. This means that as soon as one Section 8 tenant moves out, the next one will take their place. Because the government pays a portion (sometimes the majority) of a tenant’s rent, investments in Section 8 housing can be safer and more reliable investments.

While investment in this area is growing, CAB Capital aims to breathe new life into Section 8 housing by bringing in a new wave of investors. The company is particularly excited to have a real impact with its investments beyond simply creating wealth for its clients. “Through our efforts in Section 8, we are helping to provide housing for people in the midst of one of the worst housing crises in recent memory,” says Fuenmayor. “The great thing is that we can help everyone.” With this valuable new venture, Fuenmayor aims to take CAB Capital to the next level.

Learn more about CAB Capital Group to contact us at [email protected] or call +1 (888) 221 7447. Contact the new CEO, Luis Felipe Fuenmayor, onLinkedIn.

Posted May 21, 2022

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