‘Biden could be directly involved’: Legal scholar calls special adviser as emails reveal shared bank accounts

Hunter Biden announced last December that federal prosecutors were investigating his tax cases, but now experts have told the Daily Mail that President Biden may be involved in an FBI investigation into Hunter’s finances. It comes after emails revealed that the father and son share accounts and pay each other their bills.

The emails recovered by DailyMail.com are believed to be from Hunter’s abandoned laptop computer that was discovered before the 2020 election. The Mail reports that the emails between Hunter and Eric Schwerin, his business partner at consulting firm Rosemont Seneca , reportedly revealed that Schwerin was:

  • work on Joe Biden’s taxes,
  • discuss the father and son who pay each other the household bills,
  • respond to requests for a book contract for the then vice president, and
  • handling Joe Biden’s donation of Senate documents to the University of Delaware.

“It is not clear why Schwerin had this intimate role in the affairs of the vice president rather than government officials in the vice president’s office,” the newspaper reported.

A former federal prosecutor and expert in money laundering and criminal tax law told the Daily Mail that if money flowed between Hunter and his father, it could make Joe a target of the investigation – but investigators would struggling to sit with the chair.

“Whatever transaction you are considering, if there is a connection to a family member or friend, the answer of course is yes (they would be investigated),” said the anonymous ex-prosecutor.

“Obviously, if you’re talking about the President of the United States, you better have a hell of a good reason to talk to that person,” the ex-prosecutor continued.

As CBN News reported last December, the Hunter Biden investigation was first launched in 2018 as a money laundering investigation, but has now grown into much more, including business transactions in China and potential violations of income tax laws in Ukraine. It is also expanded to include his uncle James Biden.

President Biden has claimed he knows nothing about his son’s trade relationship. But as several news outlets reported in October 2020, a former Hunter Biden business associate said the claim made by then-presidential candidate Biden was false.

“I saw with my own eyes that this was not true because it was not just Hunter’s business, they said they were putting the Biden last name and his legacy on the line,” he said. declared Tony Bobulinski.

Bobulinski said he was in a 2017 meeting with Joe Biden about the family’s business plans.

“On numerous occasions it has been made clear to me that Joe Biden’s involvement is not to be mentioned in writing, but only face to face,” he said. “In fact, Gillian Walker told me that Hunter and Jim Biden were paranoid about keeping Joe Biden’s involvement a secret.”

Although questions have been raised, President Biden has not been formally involved in these investigations into his family’s business dealings.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley wrote in his blog that it is time for an independent special counsel to look into the allegations.

“The emails link President Biden to his son’s accounts and indicate a mix of funds with money from controversial foreign sources,” Turley wrote. “Even more embarrassingly, the shared account may have been used to pay a Russian prostitute named ‘Yanna’.”

The mix of funds is the latest contraction of President Biden’s repeated claims that he was unaware of and was not involved in his son’s past transactions. Given these links, there are legitimate questions on the reasons why the Ministry of Justice did not request a special advocate in the ongoing investigation of allegations of money laundering and tax offenses related to the president’s son, ”the lawyer continued.

“The slice of emails raises a new and disturbing element: the possible mix of accounts and funds between Hunter and his father. If this is true, President Biden could be directly involved in the ongoing investigations into the transfers. ‘money and his son’s transactions, ”Turley pointed out.

The George Washington University law professor noted that President Biden insisted his son had done nothing wrong. “This is obviously wrong,” he wrote.

“It is debatable whether Hunter committed a crime, but few would say that there is nothing wrong with gross influence peddling worth millions with foreign entities. The public has a legitimate reason to find out if the president or his family led influence peddling, a million-dollar transaction, ”Turley continued.

In the emails, President Biden would be referred to as “The Big Guy”.

“‘The Big Guy’ is now president and his administration is conducting an investigation that could have political and legal implications for him and his family. Perhaps it is time to have a special lawyer,” Turley suggested.

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